I'm Becky Dawson

Hello, I’m Becky, a certified Functional Nutrition Counselor (FNLP), Manual Therapist (LMT, IMT trained), and a Biology of Trauma Advanced Practitioner. I partner and journey with individuals struggling with chronic health issues, working with clients and their medical team to uncover root health problems by looking through the lens of trauma, nutrition, lifestyle practices, and manual therapy. I have supported clients for the past 11 years including parents who care for chronically ill or special needs children and have spent the last year working as a health coach for Dr. Aimie Apigian with Trauma Healing Accelerated.

I'm Tired Of Feeling Sick

Do you have a history of trauma, suffer from autoimmune symptoms, fatigue, gas, bloating, cravings, anxiety, inflammation, extra weight, diarrhea, constipation, PMS, sleep problems, foggy thinking, viral recovery, or blood sugar imbalance?

I Need Support

Do you care for a child who is chronically ill or who has special needs? What support do you need to continue doing the remarkable work that you do every day? Would you like help to develop a self care program or tools to better advocate for your child to reduce your stress load? Has trauma impacted your ability to care for your child? The Integrated Body would love to partner with YOU, through the lens of functional nutrition and lifestyle practices.

"Becky’s extensive knowledge and intuitive approach, as well as the care and attention she gives in each session and beyond make her a skilled and effective guide on the journey to healing."