Functional Nutrition Counseling/Health Coaching Sessions

Do you have a history of trauma, suffer from autoimmune symptoms, fatigue, gas, bloating, cravings, anxiety, inflammation, extra weight, diarrhea, constipation, PMS, sleep problems, foggy thinking, viral recovery, or blood sugar imbalance? I offer a unique perspective by looking at symptoms and triggers through the lens of the Biology of Trauma tools, functional nutrition and physiology. Trained by Dr. Aimie Apigian with Trauma Healing Accelerated, and Andrea Nakayama with Functional Nutrition Alliance, I utilize functional nutrition, somatic and parts work, and neurodevelopment/attachment tools that are able to trace symptoms upstream to discover causes involved with chronic illness and trauma. By shifting the internal terrain through nutrition and life-style practices, clients can restore balance and function.

  • Functional nutrition counseling sessions are available via telehealth.

  • PRICING: Initial Functional Nutrition Counseling Session, including an-in-depth health history $135 , Follow Up Session $120 (one hour)


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Integrated Manual Therapy

I specialize in traditional Integrated Manual Therapy (IMT).This unique approach incorporates many gentle techniques that can remove blockages and adhesions, and can move muscles, vessels, and nerves into slack allowing for areas to unwind. Ultimately these techniques allow the body to heal itself by restoring blood and lymph flow and it assists the body's systems to work more efficiently. To learn more about IMT, go to

  • TECHNIQUES: cranial therapy, visceral (organ) manipulation, neural tissue tension, IMT template work (similar to acupressure), and lymphatic drainage

  • Currently not offering IMT Sessions