Welcome Parents

I remember a very clear thought I had after our first year of supporting my son through seizures and bi-monthly crisis (in and out of the hospital): “There must be people out there who know how to do life this way. There must be some tools or resources to survive this as the parent, to lighten the journey." My son was 18 months at the time. And the truth was, it was difficult to find such resources. Support groups I explored, proved to be depressing due to the focus. Because it can be such a lonely journey, My hope for this SPACE, is that it provides tools and resources for parents, is a safe positive place to breath, to regroup, and to heal as the parent. I can offer solid tools through the lens of functional nutrition, manual therapy, and 18 years of life experience to support YOU!

We Live A Modified Life

And for each of us, it is modified in a different way that supports our children. And this is a space I have thrashed in and was infuriated by at times due to the limitations. After almost 18 years, I can say that it is possible to find life within limitations. For so long my husband and I lived from one crisis to the next. But allowing life to be driven by the chaos and crisis is not living. Stress wreaks havoc on the body, which comprsomise the adrenals, which then can impact the hormones, increase inflammation, and essentially cause disease in the body if unchecked. And that is exactly what happened to me. After years of profound sleep deprivation and crisis, I developed autoimmune issues related to my thyroid and gut. I became anemic. Then due to cortisol levels, my hormones were thrown off, creating terrible symptoms.

The Journey

Over the past years, I have taken a lot of baby steps (because that was all I could do): being present, slowing things down, changing my diet, incorporating substantial nutrition, and changing many of my life-style practices has greatly improved my thyroid and gut symptoms. This has ultimately allowed me to hold space and to have moments to develop and grow as an adult. Having a plan that I can step back into once the crisis abates has proved to be a remarkable gift. This is the journey! Please join me! Do check out our classes, blog, services, and A Modified Life facebook page. Or if you would like to make a personal appointment, click below! I look forward to this journey with YOU!