“I highly recommend Becky to anyone struggling with a stubborn health issue, looking for help working through difficult emotions, or trying to improve overall health and a sense of wellbeing. I began seeing her to get help recovering from a traumatic car accident, which broke my neck, but working with Becky through her practice of Integrated Manual Therapy and Functional Nutrition Counseling has helped my body to heal from some chronic and painful conditions, to my delight. Becky’s extensive knowledge and intuitive approach, as well as the care and attention she gives in each session and beyond make her a skilled and effective guide on the journey to healing. She is able to help the body to heal and resolve chronic issues by discovering and addressing their causes; working along each client, offering invaluable coaching and encouragement along the way. ”


“My experience with Becky and IMT has been second-hand for the past 10+ years. Recently, however, I had my first session with Becky to address some vascular issues in my leg. Though I have very little idea of how to explain how/why IMT can do what it does, the pain in my leg has completely vanished and circulation is close to normal. Becky spent only 2 hours on it and in that time was able to bring more relief for something that doctors were telling me was something I'd just have to live with. Becky is safe, respectful of your space, and professional. She has worked on my entire family and has helped all of us find a way to being progressively more healthy through diet, identifying sensitivities, treating injuries, and helping babies sleep better. I simply can't recommend her and IMT enough!”


“Becky has a unique practice where she integrates many different modalities of health to help identify the problem and to properly treat many conditions that afflict. The one that I have used the most from her, is her bio-scan device that comprehensively tells what is helping the system and what is harming the body. She also integrates a vast nutritional knowledge to help approach solving the problem naturally as well as integrating manual therapy into the treatment. Working with her is a joy as she is patient, resourceful, and knowledgeable. She is interested & invested in the health of her patients. I would most definitely recommend her to be on your care team. ”